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Billing Programs

Online Bill View/Pay

Sumter EMC offers members the ease and convenience of viewing and paying their electric service bill online. For details on how to view or pay your bill online click here.


Credit Card, Debit Card, and E-Check Payments

Pay your bills, either online or by phone, with your credit card, debit card, or e-check.  


Bank Draft

Sign up for automatic payment by bank draft and never write another check for electric service. We will mail an advance copy of your bill so you will know the exact amount to deduct from your check register. That amount will be deducted automatically from your bank account on the 3rd of the month following your billing. As a timely reminder not to mail us a check, the words " Paid by Bank Draft" will appear on your copy of the monthly bill.


Custom Billing Service for Senior/Disabled/Retired Citizens

This custom billing service is designed to make paying electric bills more convenient for any member drawing social security, retirement, or disability income. Participants are placed on a special billing cycle with a payment due date that coincides with the arrival of their monthly check.


Levelized Billing

Levelized billing allows members who qualify to budget approximately the same amount each month for their residential power bill. Your actual power usage for the current month is averaged with your past 12 months' bills, so the amount you pay for electric service doesn't change much throughout the year. Fixed payments for security lights or contracts, along with state and local taxes, are added to your levelized electric bill. To qualify for levelized billing, your account must have been active for twelve months, and you must have and maintain an excellent payment record.

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