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Board revises rates RS-9A, GS-9 and GR-9A

The Board of Directors has approved revisions to Residential Service Schedule RS-9A, General Service Schedule GS-9 and General Service – Residential Schedule GR-9A that will become effective January 1, 2016.  The Board took action to adjust these three rate schedules following a study conducted by GDS Associates, Inc., a Marietta, Georgia based firm that provides financial and retail rate consulting assistance to electric utilities throughout the United States.
The rate revisions are “revenue neutral”, meaning they do not produce an overall annual revenue increase or decrease to the Cooperative.  Instead, the main goal of the rate revisions is to restructure the rates to better align them with the Cooperative’s actual costs of supplying electric service. That restructuring produces differing impacts on members’ monthly bills, depending on their energy use. However, in revising each of these retail rates, care was taken to not increase the bills of members with typical average monthly energy use.
The monthly service charge in each of the three rate schedule was increased by $5.00, while the energy charges were reduced to produce a revenue-neutral result for the rate class as a whole.  The actual cost to make electric service available to a member’s service location has always been greater than the amount billed by the service charge.  The remaining cost not covered by the service charge has been recovered by the energy charges.  The rate revisions appropriately move the service charges closer to recovering the actual monthly cost to supply electric service to a location.  
No revisions were made to any of the Cooperative’s other rate schedules.
The revised Schedule RS-9A, Schedule GS-9 and Schedule GR-9A (now Schedule RS-9B, Schedule GS-9B and Schedule GR-9B, respectively) will be filed with the Georgia Public Service Commission. Click here to view Sumter EMC's current rate schedules. To request a printed copy of a rate schedule, call Sumter EMC at (800) 342-6978 or (229) 924-8041.

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