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Cooperative Solar - How It Works

Ready for Solar?


Sumter EMC Cooperative Solar makes it easy for members to have all the benefits of solar energy without the hassles. Click here for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Sumter EMC has invested in a utility-scale solar facility and will be offering blocks of Cooperative Solar energy to residential members. If you sign up, solar energy from the Cooperative Solar facility will be used to offset your residential energy usage without any of the hassles associated with having solar panels installed on your property. Here’s how it works:

Members can purchase up to 2 blocks of solar energy on a first-come, first-served basis. If blocks are sold out, we will place your name on a waiting list.

Only members who receive electric service from Sumter EMC can participate in Cooperative Solar, and participation is limited to residential accounts.

Pricing and Energy Output:
The monthly charge for each 1.25 kW solar energy block is $25. Each block is expected to generate between 136 and 237 kilowatthours of energy per month based upon variables such as the sun’s position, season of the year, number of cloudy days and other factors.

For $25 per month for each solar energy block, you will receive credit on your monthly bill for the kilowatthours generated by your solar energy block(s). If you use fewer kilowatthours during the billing period than the kilowatthours generated by your solar energy block(s), you will receive credit for the excess energy (per Sumter EMC’s Net Energy Metering Schedule NEM-1).

Begin signing up today! Click here if you are interested in taking the first step in the enrollment process and being contacted by a Sumter EMC solar expert. 

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