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Electric Service

This guide (as contained below and in the links to the left) should be read in its entirety to help minimize problems associated with service connections. The following short list, however, is a summary of the major steps suggested:

  1. Apply for service, and request a survey meeting with a Sumter EMC representative.
  2. Meet on-site with the Sumter EMC representative to discuss details of the project, especially the location of the service entrance equipment.
  3. Based on your meeting with the Sumter EMC representative, tell the electrician where the service entrance equipment needs to be installed.
  4. Notify Sumter EMC at least 2 weeks in advance to allow time for service construction.
  5. When construction is nearing completion, arrange an inspection (if required) with the local governmental authority.

This guide is a summary of the general requirements for membership and service. Sumter EMC's Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, service rules and regulations, rate schedules, and requirements set forth in the National Electrical Code and National Electrical Safety Code shall prevail in the event of a conflict with information provided herein.



Contact Sumter EMC Before Starting Any Construction!

Sumter EMC is a member-owned non-profit corporation. Our employees work hard to protect the interests of members. Sumter EMC representatives will discuss your construction plans with electricians and other contractors to help minimize costs associated with service connections. Communication between electricians and the Cooperative is vitally important to minimize expense to the member. Failure to properly plan the location of service equipment can cause costly changes in construction. The Surveys link below outlines some of the issues to be considered.



Call Before You Dig or Work Near Overhead Lines!

The Georgia Utilities Protection Center (UPC) provides a single point of contact for the prevention of damage to underground utility facilities, and to protect the public and construction contractors from contact with power and gas lines. Georgia law requires that anyone digging in Georgia must contact UPC three days before construction begins. Utilities are required to locate all underground facilities in the construction area by the end of the second business day after a locate request is made. The location of utilities will be marked to prevent accidental contact.

The Georgia UPC can be reached by calling 811, a federally mandated nationwide "Call Before You Dig" number. You may also contact UPC at the following Internet address: Sumter EMC will assist members in locating underground electrical facilities if construction will take place near the marked facilities.

Georgia law further requires that anyone performing any work within 10 feet of overhead high-voltage electric power lines notify the UPC during its regular business hours at least 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, prior to beginning such work. Notification allows the owner or operator of the power lines to take appropriate safety measures to prevent injury to persons and property and interruptions of utility service resulting from accidental or inadvertent contact with high-voltage electric lines

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