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Outdoor Safety

Tips to avoid injury when enjoying the great outdoors

Downed power lines

  • Never touch fallen power lines. They may be energized or become energized at any time.
  • Be sure all outdoor fixtures and light bulbs are waterproof and suitable for exterior use. 
  • Outdoor wiring should be on a separate circuit, properly grounded and protected against moisture.
  • Always wear shoes when using any electrical appliance outdoors. But remember, rubber-soled shoes have materials in them that can conduct electricity. They may not protect you from electrical shock.
  • Never put up TV or other antennas where they can contact or fall across electrical lines. Be extra cautious if you are installing the antenna yourself. If you lose control of an antenna and it begins to fall, let it go and jump clear.


Sumter EMC will provide assistance to consumers wishing to install or remove a radio or television antenna when the antenna is in close proximity to an uninsulated power line.

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