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Tech Tips

Get typical energy usage information for common household appliances!

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) maintains a website that lists the typical energy usage for common household appliances. You might be surprised at how much energy is consumed some appliances.


Protection Guide for Electrical Equipment

What steps can I take to protect my electrical equipment against failure? Am I reasonably protected from equipment damage? Who pays for equipment damage resulting from power failure - the member, the Cooperative, or the insurance company.


Power Outages - The Restoration Process

How does the cooperative decide what order power should be restored? Are there logical reasons why neighbor's lights seem to come back on before mine? Why do those utility trucks keep riding by my house and not repairing my line? In the event of a major outage, Sumter EMC restores power to the greatest number of members first in order to minimize the outage time for the greatest number of people.


Preparing for Power Outages

Get tips on what you should do to be prepared for power outages.


Right of Way Maintenance

Tree limbs falling on electric power lines are the number one cause of power outages. Sumter EMC's top priority is to provide you with reliable, affordable, uninterrupted electric power. The power line right-of-way extends 20 feet from either side of the lines. Help reduce the number of power outages in your neighborhood by planting trees and shrubs far enough.


Severe Weather Checklist

Follow these tips to prepare you And your family for severe weather.


Tree and Utility Conflicts

Determining where to plant a tree is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Many factors should be considered prior to planting. When planning what type of tree to plant, remember to look up and look down to determine where the tree will be located in relation to overhead and underground utility lines.

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