Fees and Rates 

Fee Schedule

Fee Type Cost
Membership Fee $5.00
Account Origination Fee, Next Day Connection $15.00
Account Origination Fee, Same Day Connection $30.00
Deposit Amount Based on member's credit report
Late Payment Charge (assessed 18 days after billing date) $5.00 or 2.5% of the balance due, whichever is greater
Returned Check Fee $30.00
Reconnection Fee $35.00

Retail Rates

Rate Type Information
Residential Service RS-9C
Cooperative Solar Program for Residential Service RIDER CS-1D
Net Energy Metering for Small DG Facilities NEM-1J
Qualifying Facilities Service QF-17B
Energy Purchase Rate for Qualifying Facilities  QF-EPR-1B
Qualifying Facility Rate Rider Q-17B
Energy for Small DG Facilities SDG-1C
General Service - Residential GR-9C
General Service  GS-9B
Seasonal Service SS-9
Athletic Field Lighting Service AF-9
Cotton Gin Time-of-Use Service CG-TOU-9
Large Power Service LP-9
Large Power Time-of-Use Service LP-TOU-9
School Time-of-Use Service SCH-TOU-9
Irrigation Time-of-Use Service ITS-9
Outdoor Lighting Service OL-9A
Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment WPCA-9
Residential Qualifying Facilities Service RQF-17B