Meter Poles

Wired meter poles and meter pedestals are available for purchase by members for installations requiring a meter pole or meter pedestal. Sales and delivery are limited to locations inside Sumter EMC's service territory in Georgia. 

These wired meter poles have a socket, mast, and 200-amp main breaker (or fuses for 600-volt rated disconnect poles). The breaker box includes new positions suitable for connecting outdoor electrical equipment such as heat pumps and water pumps. Sumter EMC will also deliver and set the meter pole for an additional fee. See the fee chart below.


Installation - For delivery and installation of a pole (with or without disconnect) and pedestal, add $230.00. See note #4 below.

A licensed electrician should install the wiring between the meter pole and the building. All permits required to receive service are the responsibility of the member.

25 Foot Meter Poles and Fused Disconnect Poles

*Effective August 1, 2022



Typical Application


25 Foot Pole (No Disconnect or Meter Base)

Overhead service (bare pole only)


25 Ft. Pole with Meter Base and 240V/200 Amp Disconnect

Overhead service to mobile home


25 Ft. Pole with 480V/30 Amp Disconnect

Overhead service to irrigation pivot


25 Ft. Pole with 480V/60 Amp Disconnect

Overhead service to irrigation pivot 

Meter Pedestals for Underground Service Connections



Typical Application


Pedestal with Meter Base and 240V/200 Amp Disconnect

Underground service to mobile home


Pedestal with 480V/30 Amp Disconnect

Underground service to irrigation pivot


Pedestal with 480V/60 Amp Disconnect

Underground service to irrigation pivot 

Important Notes

  1. Member's electrician is responsible for all local permits and wiring between disconnect and Member's equipment.
  2. These prices are fully assembled FOB Sumter EMC warehouse, Americus. 
  3. All poles are new - CCA, Class 6. 
  4. Installation and delivery are only available when the Sumter EMC crew is on-site to install Sumter EMC's service drop conductors.
  5. Member is responsible for wiring and installation on the load side of breakers or disconnect and for all maintenance after installation.
  6. Sumter EMC and Members should always spot the service pole location before installation.
  7. The local governmental jurisdiction requires electrical inspections after the wiring is completed and before the meter is set. Member is responsible for obtaining any permits needed from the local jurisdiction. 

Contact our Member Services Department here or call 1-800-342-6978 for additional details.

Sample Drawings of Installed Poles and Pedestals